Q & A at A Tip Top Tux

Q:  How long before the event do I need to come in to be measured?
A:  Tell everybody two weeks ahead even if it is not true.  If you tell a guy the activity is on the 25th for example he will show up on the 24th to be fit.  That is human guy nature because everyone is so busy now days.  Tell him he needs to show up 2 weeks ahead on the 10th.  He will show up on the 9th and all will be well.  Our black basic styles we stock here in the shop and we can set you up day before or same day even.  Our brand name catalog service requires 2 weeks’ notice for shipping reasons.

Q:  Can I take my own measurements or do I need to go into a tuxedo shop?
A:  Your best choice by far is to go into a Tuxedo or suit shop and have it done by a person who is experienced at measuring.  We onetime had a truck driver stop at a truck stop on the road, borrowed a yard stick from the truck stop, measured himself and called in the measurements.  The measurements were proportionately and statistically wrong so we called him on the errors and he admitted he used a yard stick.  Have it done right,  if you cannot have it done correctly then call us at 801-280-7889 and have us walk you through the process.

Q:  Is it important to match the girl’s prom dress or can I just wear black vest and tie?
A:  The girl wants you to match her dress so you look like you are together.  Ask your sisters or female neighbors they will all agree to match the dress color if you can.  Sometimes you cannot match the color.  We have a lot of colors but we do not have them all.  In that case going black or silver in the vest and tie color is safe.  You should be able to match her dress color in the ribbons on the flowers on your lapel.  If you are just a shade off in the color try getting as close as you can to the dress color in your tie and wear a black or white vest.  With just a little of the off shade color showing it is not as noticeable.

Q:  I am going on a cruise, do I need a tuxedo?
A:  On an average cruise there are 2 formal dinners to which you can wear a tuxedo. Usually each table will have an officer of some kind to dine with at one of those dinners.  I would guess only about 5% to 10% of the people actually do wear a tuxedo.  If you can afford it the women in your group in their nice dresses would really like you to dress up and look as nice.  We offer a cruise special which includes 2 shirts, 2 vests and 2 ties so you can look different at each dinner.  Find out the color of your partners dresses then match color to the dresses.

Q:  Can we make changes on our order after the initial visit?
A:  Why do women have such clean minds?  Because they change them so often.  Yes you can make changes.  We have you take pictures of the things you look at and try on so you can go home and think about it.  If you order through our catalog service we require two weeks’ notice to date-of-pick-up for any changes.  Any changes to our in stock black tuxedo service we require a two day notice.

Q:  Do I have to rent an entire tuxedo or can I just rent parts such as a vest and tie?
A:  Yes you may rent just parts of a tuxedo; especially for semi-formal dances you would only need parts.  We offer colored skinny ties and matching colored suspenders for such occasions.  Put them with a black shirt and black pants and you will look great.  Or maybe you already have a tux and all you need is the vest and tie to match the dress.

Q:  What is the difference between formal and semi-formal?
A:  Formal is a tuxedo with satin lapels on the jacket and satin stripes down the side of the pants.  Semi-formal is wearing Sunday best; a Sunday suit or just a nice dress shirt with tie.  The school will usually have a description of what they consider appropriate for each occasion.  Be sure to check in with the girl to see if she has any ideas for you.

Q:  What is included with a tuxedo?
A:  Our black in-stock tuxedo program includes shoes, jacket, pants, shirt, vest, tie, cuff links, and studs.  Our brand name catalog service includes jacket, pants, shirt, vest, tie, cuff links and studs.  Some stores may trick you by saying a tuxedo is just the jacket and pants so be careful that all the accessories are included in the package deal.  It is common for a package deal to not include shoes but please note our black in-stock program includes shoes.